Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Review | Lush Grease Lightning Spot Treatment

Although I'm not complaining about the winter weather we've got in Britain as it's a good excuse for a cosy night in, the change in weather has caused me to get more spots recently. I thought I'd share with you the miracle treatment that has kept them at bay!

Spot treatments that actually work are few and far between, I've tried endless treatments, but my go to spot treatment is Lush's Grease Lightning. It is a gentle but powerful tea-tree spot treatment and is one of those products that everyone seems to love. And quite rightfully so. I can't remember when I started using Grease Lightning, it's been so long which definitely says something about the product; I wouldn't swap it for the world!

Grease Lightning's gel formula is very light weight and sinks into the skin completely once applied; I never feel that horrible greasy or sticky feeling that I do with other products. Another plus is that it doesn't dry out the skin either.

To use you squeeze a small amount of product onto your fingertip and apply to the problem area. The clear gel dries onto the skin and immediately gets to work as you leave it to work its magic. If I feel a potential spot coming on, it completely reduces all inflammation and the spot in question never appears. However, if I've already got a spot I apply the product and it helps to speed up the recovery process by at least a day or so.

I usually use Grease Lightning at night and by morning I find it's already decreased in size and redness, either less noticeable or completely gone! It does a brilliant job of tackling spots whilst I sleep and I find that a particularly stubborn spot has disappeared after two or three night time applications.

I love that this product is a lot less wasteful than other spot treatments I've tried out, you only need the smallest amount. This means that for £5.95 (for a 45g bottle) it's great value and lasts longer than other products. I cannot recommend Grease Lightning enough, especially if like me you've struggled to find a spot treatment that works.

What's your go to spot treatment?

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