Sunday, 15 January 2017

My Cosy Night In Essentials

Sometimes after a hard day out in the cold, the best remedy is to have some 'me' time. Is there anything better than having an entire evening to yourself, to do whatever you please? Recently I've been making the most of the colder nights this winter; I've been trying to up my game to make sure my cosy nights in are just as exciting as going out. They are about being as relaxed and comfy as humanely possible; so here are a few things to make that lazy evening much more comforting.

Take a Lush Bath
First things first, get relaxed. Probably the best way to do this is to run a nice relaxing bubble bath and let your mind rest. Nothing says complete tranquility like a warm bath; my favourite products are from lush, such as my all-time favourite bath bombs: Intergalactic or Twilight. You can even put on some relaxing music or add a face mask to the mix as there's so many lovely ones to leave your skin feeling replenished.

Whether you dig out a set of old and loved pjs or have even treated yourself to some new ones, there is nothing better than getting home on a cold dark night and throwing your pyjamas straight on. Pjs are a definite essential for comfort, warmth and cosiness.

I don't know about you, but I always find myself a little bit cold. You can't really have a cozy night without a big, fluffy blanket; curling up in a blanket is definitely an essential way to warm up and relax; I have a lovely purple one from Primark that's so soft.

Finding a film to get lost in is a total night in essential! It can be whatever you fancy; pick one you've been meaning to see for ages, or even one that you already love. Reading a good book (especially if you're a bookworm like me) or listening to your favourite music are also great cosy night in alternatives! Whatever you choose it'll help you unwind and forget anything that's been getting you down.

Cosy nights in are all about treating yourself and what other way to do that is there than being  accompanied by lovely food. I feel like it's not a night in without a selection of snacks to hand.; whether that's a takeaway, a mix of your favourite treats or baking yourself something delicious food, snacks are always a good choice.

Hot Drinks
Your favourite hot drink in a nice big mug is a definite must have for achieving a cosy night in. For me, a hot chocolate complete with marshmallows is the perfect way to warm up my insides.

Spending a few minutes to make your room smell delicious is the perfect way to make sure you enjoy the night more; there is nothing better than filling the room with your favourite sweet scent. I love the aesthetic of them as well as the calming aroma that fills the room. Candles are the perfect way to set that cosy night in mood; my personal favourite is Yankee Candle's Salted Caramel.

Fairy Lights
Create a really cosy light, by forgetting that main light in your room and instead using fairy lights. They are my favourite and make your room just that little bit more magical. Nothing makes me happier than being surrounded by fairy lights.

These are all of my essentials needed to have the best possible cosy night in! What are your favourite ways of relaxing in the evening?

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