Friday, 9 December 2016

5 Ways to Relax and Unwind

The last couple of weeks have been really tough for me. From assessments and exams and life getting in the way, I've been anxious and stressed out for most of it. I've needed to find ways to chill out and unwind from the stress. I thought I'd share my ideas on how to keep your chin up and pamper yourself,  in the hope that it may help you too!

Pamper Yourself

It's very easy for life to get in the way and neglect yourself sometimes. Take a long bath, use a face-mask, paint your nails... there are so many things to choose from that you'll find relaxing and that'll give you a positive mind. My personal favourite is a nice long bubble bath with a cup of tea, a lush bath bomb and a book!

Read Something

When I have a particularly stressful day, sitting down with a book in a cosy place can easily relax me; this is one of my favourite things to do. I find that putting your focus on something else, such as a book, is great for relaxing as reading helps you loose yourself and escape from the worries and stresses of everyday life.  Unfortunately for me, when times are busy reading is one of the first things to go (due to its time consuming nature), which is a shame as I really enjoy sitting down with a great book. Try sitting down to read when you know you've got an hour or two of free time; you won't regret it!

Do Something Creative

Express yourself creatively: bake sing, dance, paint, colour in, draw... It's very hard to stress and over-think when you're engaged in something creative, fun and expressive; I particularly like using my Wreck This Journal or my Harry Potter themed Colouring Book to fulfil my creative needs.


Go to a fitness class, do some yoga, go for a walk or do a quick home workout (I find that YouTube has some great ones if you don't want to pay for that gym membership!). There are so many different types of exercise that will help you to de-stress and feel more relaxed. Just get your muscles moving and trust me, your body will appreciate the movement. Personally, I find that going for a walk with my dog somewhere quiet can do wonders for my mental health.

Eat a Home-Cooked Meal

I'm a massive foodie, and eating is always a go to for me (even though it probably shouldn't be!) when I need to relax. I find the whole process of cooking a home-cooked meal for yourself or friends/family is relaxing and it's lovely to enjoy some company, or even just alone time! Having food made for you is just as good, and now and again I think it's relaxing to eat out.

I hope that my go-to ways to relax have given you some thought and maybe even helped a few of you. Of course there are so many more ways to relax, than those covered in this post; I have barely skimmed the surface!

What do you already do when you need to relax? Thanks for reading,

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