Saturday, 24 December 2016

25 Reasons Why I Love Christmas

Christmas is a time of giving and sharing; since I was a child I've anxiously awaited the 25th December. There is absolutely no question... Christmas is my favourite time of the year! Let's be honest, there are so many reasons to love Christmas that I could spend hours and hours talking about them. As the big day is very nearly upon us, and my excitement is through the roof, I wanted to share a list of things that I enjoy the most about this holiday season. 

1. Christmas Decorations - I love everything from the Christmas tree to the fairy lights and lavish department store displays. 

2. Christmas Knitwear - With the cold weather it's great to be able to wrap up all cosy in warm scarves and jumpers. Christmas jumpers are also a great edition to the festive season; there's nothing like getting in the Christmas spirit!

3. The Happiest Time of the Year - Everyone is just happier at Christmas.

4. Time with Family & Friends - I love spending quality time with my friends and family; I always have the best memories from Christmas time with my loved ones. It's also a great time to see people who I don't get to see a lot throughout the year, which is great!

5. Christmas Films - I am the biggest fan of Christmas films, you can even find me whatching them sometimes in July...! Here is a blog post of my top 10 favourite Christmas films.

6. Christmas TV Adverts - My favourite advert every year is always the iconic Coca-cola advert, but I also find it exciting to discover what John Lewis have come up with each Christmas.

7. Log Fires - The cold weather is the perfect excuse to sit by the fireplace, drinking a hot-chocolate and reading a book.

8. Christmas Scented Candles - I much prefer the scent of Christmas candles, with Yankee Candle's 'Savour the Season' being my favourite from last year. 

9. Christmas Shopping/Giving Gifts - I absolutely love shopping for other people's Christmas presents! I love putting a smile on my friends and family's faces as they unwrap their gifts; it may possibly be the best feeling ever.

10. Red Lips, Gold Eyeshadows and Glittery Nails - If you can't wear glittery eyeshadows and nail polishes for Christmas, then when can you I'm also a massive fan of wearing a red lip during December. 

11. Excitement in the Run Up - Everyday I get more and more excited about it being closer to Christmas Day.

12. Have I Mentioned the Food Yet? - It has to be one of the best parts! From the Christmas roast to the chocolate and much more, it is always something to look forward to.

13. Christmas Music - For some reason, Christmas music is one of the best types of music; it always manages to put me in a good mood. I have a playlist including 20 of my favourite Christmas songs, included in this blog post.

14. Advent Calendars - I love having a little piece of chocolate each day, it definitely brightens up my morning.

15. Boxing Day/Christmas Sales - I love the bargains you can pick up in the Christmas sales. I particularly like Lush's boxing day sale where you can pick up a gift set or two fairly cheaply.

16. Vlogmas on YouTube - I love watching YouTube on a day to day basis anyway, but there's something about Vlogmas that makes me feel twice as Christmassy and festive as I did before!

17. Christmas Themed Baking - Baking is always fun, but Christmas themed baking is even better! From cookies and cakes and chocolate lollies, I love trying new recipes each year.

18. Putting Up the Christmas Tree - I love putting up the Christmas tree with my family; I also enjoy taking turns with my sister to put the star at the top, I wouldn't have it any other way!

19. Christmas Cards - I love sending and receiving Christmas cards, it's a nice feeling to think that someone has thought of you and sent their seasonal good wishes. 

20. Traditions - Everyone has their own Christmas traditions; it just wouldn't be the same without them being the same each year!

21. Christmas Coffee Cups - I love seeing the designs for the Christmas cups at coffee shops, there's just something about having a hot drink in a Christmas themed cup that greatly improves it! This year I think Costa's designs are my favourite, who wouldn't want their Christmas drink in a Christmas jumper themed cup?

22. Stockings - Stockings are super cute and I love seeing what my mum has come up with for my sister and I to open each year.

23. Lush Christmas Range - Christmas is probably my favourite time to use Lush products, as their range seems to get better and better each year. I love trying out their new Christmas products as well as getting back my favourites from the previous years.

24. Christmas TV - I love Christmas TV and especially getting the Radio Times magazine each year and circling everything that I'd like to watch; it wouldn't be Christmas without it!

25. The Nutcracker - I love watching the ballet 'The Nutcracker' each year on DVD; it's one of my personal Christmas Traditions and it wouldn't be the same without it.

I feel all warm inside and festive thinking about all my favourite Christmas things; if possible I may even be more excited than I was before about Christmas being tomorrow! What's your favourite thing about Christmas? Thanks for reading,

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