Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016: The Best and Worst Bits

I did a similar post last year to this one; although my year hasn't been as busy as 2015, I thought it would be nice to round off the year with a review.

January was a slightly difficult month for me, as I found adjusting from my month off spending time with and friends and family, to suddenly living away from home again tricky. But, I did have a lovely trip to London to see Wicked the musical for my friend Tabitha's birthday and I also travelled to see Matilda the musical later on in the month as a treat to myself.

Not that much happened in February but I did go on a trip with my college to see a graduate as the leading role of Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys with amazing seats in the stalls! I also got given an early birthday present of a Kindle which I've loved using this year.

I had my nineteenth birthday in March which was slightly depressing as I had to spend it away from home, without seeing my family. However, I was thrilled to find out that my Dad and Sister had planned a belated birthday trip to see my favourite musical Les Misérables. During the month I also had my first trip to Move It, a dance convention in London, where I was so happy to watch members of my college performing. I also saw Mrs Henderson Presents in the West End as well as a trip to Church Farm with my family. As part of the we held chicks, fed lambs as well as watching a few being born!

In April my friend and I planned to see Phantom of the Opera and I was also able to see the Play That Goes Wrong within the month.

I got a dance injury during May which left me on crutches for just over a month; this was really hard for me as it meant that I wasn't able to dance for over a month; instead I had to sit and watch everyone else dance. My friends and family were however great at cheering me up; my friends and I visited Creme for the most amazing cake and my mum treated me to some Afternoon Tea!

June was the month that the Tiffany Theatre College prom was held, where I had a lovely night.

The most jam packed month of the year was definitely July! Firstly I travelled down to London with my friends to spend a few days living in an apartment in London and rehearsing for the Tiffany's end of year show. During the trip we spent a day in Camden and also saw the play version of The Woman In Black. Then it was time for the show where I absolutely loved performing at the Shaw Theatre (near Kings Cross Station) for two performances. Later in the month, mum and I travelled to Sheffield to see the tour of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and managed to meet the cast at stage door! At the end of the month, I finally had the foot surgery that was needed to fully repair the damage in my foot from a few months before, as well as attending my auntie's wedding the day after!

In August, I spent a day in Brighton with my mum and sister and we had a great day in the arcade, walking round the Lanes, getting ice-cream from Boho Gelato and playing mini golf. I also had a holiday to Blackpool with my dad's family. We had a great time visiting Madame Tussaud's, riding trams, going up the Blackpool Tower (as well as seeing the circus and tower ballroom), spending a day at Pleasure Beach and visiting the zoo.

I finally got to feed Giraffes' in September which I'd been dying to do for years; it was a great experience and had to be one of the best days of my life. I also started my second year back at Tiffany Theatre College as well as walking the Southend Pier (the world's longest pier) with my mum.

In October I decided last minute to see Beautiful the Musical and celebrated Halloween by carving a Stitch themed pumpkin.

I attended my first ever Bloggers event in November at Creams Cafe in Peterborough. I had a lovely time seeing everyone and definitely left the cafe in a sugar coma! I also saw the hilariously funny play Peter Pan Goes Wrong during the month.

December was another busy month as I spent the majority of it working in my new Christmas temp job and being ill with a rather nasty case of Bronchitis. But I did enjoy a bit of my time off treating my mum to tickets to see Mamma Mia and I spending some time with friends and family which was the best!

I have to say that this year has gone pretty quickly with lots of ups and downs. I'm so excited to see what happens in 2017; I hope you have an amazing year filled with tons of great experiences. Thank you so much for reading my blog!

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