Sunday, 24 July 2016

5 Days in Camden and seeing Woman in Black

On the 9th and 10th of July I had my end of year show as a part of Tiffany Theatre College; part of that was spending five days with my friends sharing an apartment in London. After lots of research months in advance, we found the perfect apartment right in the centre of Camden, literally opposite Camden Town Tube Station.

As soon as we arrived at our apartment we dropped off our bags and immediately headed out the door. I had never been to Camden before and so I was very excited to walk around and explore the culture and diversity of Camden Town. It was so much fun, the place is so colourful compared to the majority of London and was literally buzzing with interesting people. It was lovely to walk around and feel the vibe of the crowds and get lost in thought for a couple of hours. After exploring we bought pizza and freshly squeezed orange juice from the unique market and settled down in a local park for lunch.

After spending most part of the day wondering round the markets of Camden we decided (as we each had day travel cards) to venture into Leicester Square and Covent Garden to do some shopping. While walking past a ticket booth we decided to buy last minute tickets to see the play: The Woman in Black! I had seen it previously as a part of a school trip, but none of my friends had. We were lucky enough on arrival to the Fortune theatre to find out our cheap tickets had been upgraded from the back row of the upper circle, to right at the front of the dress circle, what a bargain!

The Fortune Theatre is small in comparison to other West End theatres (seating 432) which works in the plays' favour; it's the perfect intimate venue for a terrifying Victorian-style ghost story. The play within a play using minimalistic set and two highly skilled actors was just as brilliant this time. It's great that you don't need a huge stage and lots of effects to create unsettling suspense and terrorise the audience. It was complete with a rocking chair moving alone in an abandoned nursery, to the classic music box and exploring the house in torchlight. I was able to see more of the little detail second time around and I loved seeing the reactions of my friends and the audience around me this time. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my five days in London leading up to my end of year show with Tiffany Theatre College. It was so fun to explore Camden as well as get to see another show in the West End! Let me know if you've explored Camden (and what you thought) or if you too have seen the Woman in Black. Thank you for reading,

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