Tuesday, 22 December 2015

My 5 Favourite Things About Christmas

If you didn't already know, I absolutely love Christmas! It has to be my favourite time of year as I love the excitement running up to Christmas and generally how happy everyone is. I thought I'd share with you my top 5 favourite things about Christmas.

1. Christmas Decorations
I don't feel festive until our Christmas decorations are up, so this year I convinced my mum that we needed to put them up as soon as I came back from Dance School in early December! I know that this is also a lot of peoples favourite thing about Christmas, but I also love Christmas lights and decorations around the town centres and in London as they make you feel particularly festive as you do your Christmas shopping!

2. Lush Christmas Range
If you've read my other blog posts you will probably know that my favourite shop is Lush. I always eagerly await what new products they will bring out each year; these are usually my favourite Lush products of the whole year. So far (as I haven't used everything I bought yet), my favourite has been the Dashing Santa Bath Bomb. I really didn't expect this as there are a lot more exciting looking ones, but I really love this one because of its scent and the colours that swirl around in the bath!

3. Food
I absolutely love the food that is associated with the festive season; I always come away into January feeling a bit heavier than I did before from the amazing food, but it's so worth it! I love the main Christmas meal on the day itself the most, and I also love the tins of sweets that you always find around the house (my favourite has to be the tin of Heroes).

4. Cold Weather
Even though I much prefer the heat of Summer (as I am one for really feeling the cold), I love how the cold weather leading up to Christmas gives you a great excuse to get cosy by curling up on the sofa, surrounded by Christmas decorations, with blankets and a Hot Chocolate, to watch a Christmassy film! It's even better when its cold enough in December for it to snow, my favourite types of Christmas are definitely White Christmases; it's just a shame that here in England we hardly ever get to experience this.

5. Hot Chocolate
This leads me onto my fifth favourite thing about Christmas: Hot Chocolate. I generally only drink Hot Chocolate in December; this is because it's the perfect thing to warm you up after being in the cold weather of the festive season. I love how many different types you can get and its always fun to top it with marshmallows and a flake, yum! I even fancy one now as I type this blog post..!

There are so many more things I love about Christmas but I unfortunately couldn't include everything I love about it in this post, otherwise it would be way too long to write/read! I hope you enjoyed reading what I love about Christmas, leave in the comments below what your favourites are! Thanks for reading,

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