Thursday, 24 December 2015

Lush Luxury Lush Pud Review

I've truly loved the Lush Christmas Range this year; I have to say I'm a bit sad about this being my last review of the 2015 range as I've thoroughly enjoyed reviewing them on my little blog! But I've saved the one, that to me, looks most Christmassy till last: The Luxury Lush. As my body decided that the best time to get ill would be Christmas Eve, I felt like this was the perfect cure: a nice hot bath with the Luxury Lush Pud and a hot chocolate to drink while I soaked in the bath.

From what I remember this Bath Bomb made its debut as part of the 2013 Christmas range and used to be purple; in 2014 and now in 2015 it's a hot pink shade. This particular product brings back a lot of Christmas memories, as it was my outright favourite product from last years collection and I bought multiple Luxury Puds last year!

It's probably the most colourful looking Bath Bomb that is in the Christmas range, and it completely caught my eye walking into the store when I picked up my haul. It is inspired by the traditional Christmas pudding, but it so much cuter and way more colourful than it's food counterpart! It is mostly hot pink but has a white topping (much like the icing on the pudding), complete with a cute tiny little holly spring that looks so Christmassy against the white snowy-looking part. There are also dots of colours in blue, orange, yellow and green which, as you expect, make your bath so colourful.

When popped into the bath, all the pastel colours spill out as it strongly fizzes; the multicoloured spots break off and fizz around the bath separately, swirling together and create beautiful patterns. It also contains some glittler/lustre but isn't too extreme, it makes the water slightly sparkly but doesn't attach to your skin like some of the others. It really has to be one of the more exciting and entertaining Bath Bombs Lush has released. Even better for the fact that neither the bright colours or glitter stained the bath, meaning there was a lot less hassle to clean it up afterwards.

It shares its fragrance with the Twilight Bath Bomb which has to be one of my favourites; if your a big fan like me, you'll absolutely love this one! It's filled with relaxing ingredients including: Lavender Oil, Benzoin Resinoid, sweet Ylang Yang oil and Tonka Absolute. This makes it the perfect Bath Bomb to use on a cold winter night when you want to relax/unwind and it also helps send you off for a peaceful nights sleep. 

It's just a shame that this product is a seasonal product and is Limited Edition for the Christmas range; I really do recommend stocking up on this particular product (I certainly will be), its incredible and it's a relaxing one as well as looking amazing! Not too bad for only being £3.95! Have you ever tried Lush's Luxury Pud? Thank you for reading,

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