Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Eyelash Extension Review

I unfortunately am not blessed with long fluttery eyelashes. Every morning I have to apply a few coats of mascara to make my eyelashes longer, but I was still not as happy as I want to be with my eyelashes. Being a dancer I tend to wear false eyelashes a lot and I much prefer how they look. So I decided to bite the bullet and get my eyelashes extended to make them look exactly how I wanted.

Before the procedure
Yesterday I turned up with no makeup on ready to begin the procedure. The thing I loved the most was how individual the lashes were to each person, no two designs are the same. There were so many different options (of length etc) and the woman was able to tell you what would suit you the most after discussing your aspirations for them.

It takes about an hour for the extensions to be put on; I thought that it would be infuriating to have my eyes shut for so long, but the woman was so friendly and made me feel at ease as we talked for the hour. The procedure itself didn't feel like I expected to; it didn't feel uncomfortable or hurt at all, it didn't feel like much was happening as she applied the lashes to my eyes individually. 

After the procedure - no makeup on
Once it was over I was left with long fluttery eyelashes that I loved. When I put my makeup on later that day I didn't need to use mascara (as the woman warned me not to use mascara or get them wet) and I decided against using my usual eyeliner and eyeshadows so that I didn't mess up the look of the lashes or mess with the glue used. This sped up my makeup routine so much; all I had to do was apply makeup to the rest of my face, give the lashes a brush through and be on my way. I really feel that this could be something that I may become addicted to!

I love how real they feel, you can't see or feel them when you have them on unlike false eyelashes. The only time I remembered I had them on was when I touched my eyes! But I did start to notice them was in the evenings when my eyes became heavy as I began to feel tired, which really wasn't a problem for me. However, the thing I love most is how much extra confidence they give you; I find it crazy how much the little hairs on your eyelids change your appearance and confidence so much!

I would definitely recommend them to anyone! Have you ever had eyelash extensions or any other eyelash treatment? Thanks for reading and let me know in the comments below,

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