Sunday, 13 December 2015

A Trip to See Santa

Yesterday my family and I visited Santa's Barn which is located at the Peterborough Arena to see Father Christmas. Santa's Barn is essentially a grotto where you can visit Santa, but it is pre-booked and time allocated so that you don't have to wait in a queue, like a traditional grotto. 

We arrived at the Peterborough Arena at 5 minutes to 1 ready to play on all the inflatables. They have a large number of inflatables, complete with 'Total Wipeout' style inflatable red balls to jump across; my favourite had to be the Helter Skelter style inflatable! There are also crafts you can make, such as Christmas tree decorations out of Magic Snow! They give you an hour and a half in this section before your allocated time to visit Santa; ours was at 2:30.

A selection of the Inflatables and Games
The Wipeout Inflatable was very similar to this one!
Making Christmas cards and Christmas tree decorations from Magic Snow

The Helter Skelter Inflatable
There was even an inflatable Snow Globe that had snow blowing around inside; it was the perfect place for a group photo after having fun playing in the fake snow.

Then after being tired out from jumping around, and a nice cold drink at the refreshment centre, it was time for us to visit Santa! We boarded the aeroplane ready to transport us to Santa himself; then we took a short walk through the North Pole (seeing all the wintery animals) to Santa's Grotto. He gave the girls a present each and I even got a box of chocolates, yum!

Overall it was a nice festive visit to visit Santa himself, and was a perfect activity to do on a cold rainy Saturday in December. Have you visited Santa this year? Let me know in the comments below; thank you for reading!

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