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2015: The Best and Worst Bits

I have to say that 2015 has been one of the busiest years for me, from Dance School auditions, to performances and big life events, this year has been a whirlwind one! I thought it would only be fitting to have a look back and both the ups (mostly these) and a couple of downs! All photos in this post are taken from my Instagram.

I don't really remember January much as most of the transition into 2015 was a bit of a blur for me, it seemed to go by so quickly. The first month from what I remember was an emotional one as a few awful things happened, at the time making it look like 2015 wouldn't be a great year. Luckily I had some really great best friends to get me through the challenging (to say the least) month!

Feburary on the other hand was great, in July 2014 I was nominated for the IDTA Theatre Awards and I finally got to compete in them during this month. This was such a challenging but worthwhile experience, I met so many lovely people and the competition set me up perfectly ready to begin auditions for  Dance Schools and Universities during this month. I also saw Cats the Musical with one of my best friends Kane and had an amazing day in London together; we got to meet the cast and even I got a poster signed with all their autographs. 

Then suddenly we were already in March; on the 1st I had my eighteenth, I was finally an adult and it was lovely to celebrate this with my friends and family. I went out for a few meals with my friends and went to the cinema with my dad.

In April, I took another trip to London with a few friends to see a couple of shows and saw Book of Mormon and Memphis which were both absolutely incredible! In this month, I also caught up with a few friends who I hadn't seen since they left for uni in September 2014 which I loved!

May was a big month for my dance career, I auditioned successfully for Tiffany Theatre College and decided from the three dance schools and four universities that I got into that this would be the place for me to take the next step of professional dance training. My dad also treated me with tickets to see Thriller Live which was amazing!

One of my favourite highlights of this year was dancing at Alton Towers during June; we danced a Snow White themed piece, and it was one of the most amazing experiences I've had playing Snow White. It was incredible to share this experience with my best friends and we had an entertaining day in the theme park and then performing the show in the evening. I will never forget this particular event. This month I also did my last show with this College (who I danced with at Alton Towers) and my other dance school 's show which were both particularly emotional experiences.

In July I had an unbelievable trip to Disneyland Paris with my best friend, we spent a few unbelievable days on the rides, exploring the park and meeting the Characters (read more here). I also finished college and left with results that I was so happy to receive.

July - Disneyland Paris Blog Post
One of the biggest months for me was August, as this was when I decided to start this blog as something to do during the summer holidays; Just Amara was born! I also spent a lot of time with my friends who I hadn't seen in ages; I saw Miss Saigon with my best friends. I also Les Misérables with my dad (even meeting Carrie Hope Fletcher!!) and Bend it Like Beckham with my mum! I also visited the zoo with my dad's family and went on the Harry Potter Studio Tour! This was an exceptionally busy month as my family, friends and I had planned to do a lot before I left for Dance School (which brings me into the next month).

Another mad event from this year was moving out from my cosy home in Peterborough (read more here). I moved to Leigh on Sea to start my professional dance training at Tiffany Theatre College in September. Although this was a highlight from this year it was a bitter-sweet feeling as I felt homesick to start off as I'd never lived away from home before. Although I fairly quickly adjusted to life living away, I always look forward most to coming home and I've loved having a month off in December to enjoy Christmas at home.

September - I've Moved Blog Post

October, November and December went so so quickly! First was October half term in which I spent the week with my Dad's family and had a day at Chessington World of Adventures. Then it was back to college to get ready for and have my assessments for my first term at Tiffany's; these went really well for me and I was over the moon at the outcomes. By then I was so ready to come home, and so I spend the month of December celebrating Christmas and seeing my friends and family as much as I could.

On the whole, this year has been a complete roller coaster ride! I'm so glad that I was able to start this blog in 2015 and I'm really excited to see where it will take me in 2016. I hope you have an amazing 2016 filled with tons of great experiences, and thank you so much for reading my blog!

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