Sunday, 30 August 2015

Harry Potter Studio Tour Merchandise - Sweets

If you follow my blog (or on Instagram) you will have seen that my latest post was about my recent visit to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Leavesden. They have an amazing gift shop that sells tons of merchandise, from scarves to wands and from robes to sweets they have everything you could think of! I couldn't resist picking up a couple of bits; I decided to buy a Chocolate Frog and a box Fudge Flies.

The Chocolate Frog

The Chocolate Frog comes in a 3D pentagon shaped box and literally could have come out of the films themselves! Weighing 150 grams it's pretty much a large slab of chocolate in the shape of a frog; because of it's size it even took me a few days to eat! It doesn't jump around like it does in the films though... unfortunately! The box is sturdy and a good size; it was decorated beautifully, just as seen in the films.  

Included in the packet there is also a rather large holographic Chocolate Frog Card, which literally was as big as my hand; I got the Salazar Slytherin card! It definitely was a novelty souvenir to keep, (as Ron Weasley said "It's the card you want").

However, with a price tag of £8.95 it was quite expensive, but definitely was a try once kind-of souvenir. 

Fudge Flies

I really like the taste of anything Fudge; so much so that I even have a dog named Fudge! Therefore, I couldn't resist picking up a packet of Fudge Flies.

These were a lot cheaper at £4.95 but were definitely just as tasty. I would say that they even tasted better in my opinion!

I love how much attention to detail has gone into all of the sweets at the Harry Potter Studio Tour. From the packaging to the chocolate treats themselves, these were great souvenirs (although a little pricey) and were definitely worth picking up as part of the experience.

Let me know if you've ever tried any of the Harry Potter themed sweets and what your favourite was in the comments below! Thanks for reading, 

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