Sunday, 23 August 2015

Banham Zoo Photos

Yesterday we made a last minute decision to visit Banham Zoo, which is located in Norfolk. This particular zoo is charity run and so every penny goes towards caring for the animals in the zoo and protecting wildlife around the world. There was plenty of animals to see close up (including lots of newborns) as well as displays, animal feedings and talks. We had an amazing time so I thought 'd share some of the photos I took!

A Zebra and it's Foal
A Giraffe

Sri Lankan Leopard
Blue & Yellow Macaw
Prairie Marmots
A Meercat

A Lemur in the Lemur Encounters - usually they let them roam around outside of the cages, in an enclosed walkway right near you. But today however as we visited the Lemur's quite late we missed out on this experience as they were in their enclosures.  
Penguins being fed
Look how close we were able to get to the penguins, we were within touching distance!

The African Spoonbill
A White-faced Tree Duck 
Swainson's Lorikeet - I absolutely love the colours of this bird! 
A Red Panda
A Cheetah
Look how close I got to a Tiger!

These are pictures of the donkey that wouldn't leave me alone past it's enclosure. He kept following me as I was leaving to go home! 

I even got a medal as a prize for collecting all the various stamps around the zoo! It's a really nice touch to keep the children visiting engaged, and makes sure that you see everything.

Overall, Banham Zoo was a great day out! The animals were well looked after (you can tell by how many offspring of various animals there were!) and had lots of space in their enclosures. You were able to get so close to many of the animals, especially the penguins and normally the lemurs - which was amazing and different to the other zoos I've visited.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite zoo and animal is,

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